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Career Center


"What do you want to be when you grow up?" How often were you asked this question as a child? Well, now is the time for your middle school students to ask this question again. We are changing our focus in guidance from are you going to college to what do you want as a career one day. The reason for this change in the school system's thinking is the problem faced by many high school and college students. Too many students always answer your question about life after high school with the comment I want to go to college. This is a great answer if the career you are pursuing requires college; but what if you don't need four years of college to get the job. Nothing is more frustrating than to attend four or more years of college and be faced with the reality that this is not what I needed to do to get the job I want. Not only is it a waste of the student's time but also money. The eighth grade classroom guidance lessons this year will focus on the big picture...what career do I want and what is required to reach my goal. If the answer is college, great, but if the answer is special training or an apprenticeship, then we can help your student pursue the correct path.




Jones has set up a career center where all students can gather information from study habits to career searches to college searches. The center is just beginning to collect information from sources that will aid our students in their future career choices. We will constantly be adding to our store of information. Remember...this is a career construction zone...don't start life without a blueprint!